Sportsman Safe is a utility/lifestyle app that addresses the
following needs of hunters and fishermen:

1. Compliance: license(s) storage, track license expiration dates, zone specific listings by
species, open/closed season, size and bag limits.

2. Location Services: track fellow sportsman on your map, allow yourself to be tracked, mark and share stands, holes, roosts, etc., find marked spots with compass and closing distance indicator, locate nearby points of interest such as gas/bait/ammo/food.

3. Social Connectivity: frame trophy photos you take in the field, then email or upload to facebook/twitter.

4. Safety: one button automatically sends texts to pre-programmed contacts with a distress message and your current location/GPS coordinates, see fellow sportsmen in realtime on your map.

License Locker

Stay compliant with state and local regulations. Photograph and store all your hunting and fishing licenses on your device, which could potentially save you hundreds in fines. Manually enter license renewal or confirmation numbers given by phone or email.

A simple green, yellow, red system quickly shows which licenses are in good shape, those nearing expiration, and those needing immediate attention. As a license nears its expiration, Sportsman Safe will send you a reminder complete with multiple options for electronic renewal.

Zone Specific Species Listings

Know what's legal for the zone in which you are sporting. Each species has a green "open" or red "closed" marker prominently displayed by its name.

Not sure of size? No problem. Size and bag limits are located within each species description as well as state records and other pertinent information.

My Visibility

Use this function to show yourself to fellow sportsmen and track each other’s movements. Going to your honey hole? You decide whether to be visible or not to specific other users. Selectively make yourself visible or invisible to your friends using this feature.

Need to get to your spot in the dark or in a heavy fog? Tap the desired icon and choose "Directions By Compass". The device automatically becomes a way-finding compass with a closing distance indicator pointing you directly towards your goal.

Map Marker

Mark favorite tree stands, fishing holes, roosts, rubs, tracks, fence lines, or other important spots you want to save to the map. Use the pre-loaded icon set to quickly and easily identify your locations. Share them by text with your friends or keep them to yourself.

Map P.O.I.s

Looking for gas, bait, ATM, food or drink in your area? Use our presets or enter your own search and quickly get where you need to be.

SOS Button

This extremely important feature will send out the call for help when you are in distress. By tapping this button, texts will be sent to three contacts of your choosing, alerting them to the fact that you need immediate attention and providing them your last known coordinates.

Trophy Locker

You just made the catch or shot of a lifetime and never want to forget where it happened. Use this exclusive feature to take your own photo/video and that location will show on your map with a trophy icon.

Text or email your trophies to anyone, or upload them to Facebook and Twitter to show everyone.

Now that I see the map, what do I do?
Press and hold your finger on any point on the map and the action menu will appear.
How do I see my friends on the map?
Your friends have to make themselves visible to you in the My Visibility section of the app, found in both and Settings and the Map Curl. Upon opening the app, any of your contacts that are registered SportsmanSafe users will appear in the My Visibility section. Any users you want to see on the map need to be in your iPhone’s Contacts.
What does the Green/Red light mean on Species?
Green means that at least one method of hunting/fishing that species is open. Press on the Species to see detailed list of which method.
What does the Green/Yellow/Red light mean on Licenses?
Every time you add a new license you are prompted to enter its expiration date. SportsmanSafe will display a yellow light if you are within two weeks of expiration, and red if your license is expired. SportsmanSafe will also notify you via text at two weeks and one week before expiration, with a link to renew your license online.
How do I invite my friends and contacts to join me on SportsmanSafe?
On the Information screen, press Invite Friends. A pre-written text message will populate and you choose which people from your contacts to invite. The recipient will receive a link to the application in the App Store.
What is the SOS button?
The SOS button sends a pre-written message to up to 3 contacts telling them you are in distress and need there help immediately. The message will include a link to your current GPS location.
How do I set up the SOS feature?
In Settings there is a button titled Set Up SOS. Pressing this button takes you to a screen where you can input your name as it will be displayed in the message, as well as select up to 3 contacts to which the message with be distributed.
Does this app work outside the boundaries of Florida?
Yes, all aspects of the app will work outside of Florida. Only Florida fishing and hunting rules and guidelines are provided.
What can I do to improve battery life?
SportsmanSafe is a robust application that simultaneously utilizes multiple aspects of the iPhone platform. As such, battery is consumed at a more rapid pace than normal when pushing the app.
Why do Species take so long to download?
The first time Species is downloaded will take a 15-45 seconds depending on your data connection. Every additional time Species are downloaded, only changes to the rules and regulations will be downloaded, shortening the download time to 5-10 seconds.
My compass doesn’t seem to be pointing in the correct direction, how do I fix it?
Occasionally after periods of stationary use, the iPhone must be moved in a figure-8 pattern to recalibrate its compass.
How do I see the tides, weather, solunar, for any other location in the state?
Simply pinch out as you would with any other iPhone app and drop you finger on any other area that you may be looking to fish or hunt.
When I choose tides many red dots appear surrounding the state, why is that?
We are pulling tides from all tidal buoys in the state, a user can zoom down to the pin closest to where they would like to fish, press, and the most current tidal information will be displayed.
How do I select one of the icons for my pin drop?
When a user drops a pin there is a blank white square next to the name of the pin, press the blank white square for a list of our pre-determined icons or just name your own.
When I touch the map curl in the bottom right of the screen what are the options for?
These are filters to turn on or off certain aspects of your map i.e. trophies, my places etc. The poi filter will display the most common things that a hunter or fisherman may want to locate. If we don’t list exactly what you’re looking for simply touch the search bar and enter your own.

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